The Dream Makers Society

Christine Lynn

2016 Induction: Christine Lynn

What is a Dream Maker?

"A dreamer looks beyond the limits of today to the possibilities of tomorrow, and sees what can be instead of settling for what is. dreamer imagines the most wonderful new things and then finds a way. A dreamer knows that stars were made to wish upon and that wishes really do come true! But that there are no ways around doing the work it taks to make them happen." - Steve Burkdoll

"The Dream Makers Society" was created to recognize and honor very special people who have consistently and clearly demonstrated a sincere concern for the less fortunate, especially children. There are many who demonstrate such admirable qualities, but few who meet the special standards for this prestigious honor.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County and the Rendezvous Committee have established three special criteria which result in a truly impactful effort on our ability to change young lives.

We honor select individuals who have:

Felix Sabates, 1999 Rick & Rita Case, 2002 Florence & Larry DeGeorge*, 2003 Marti & H. Wayne Huizenga, 2006 Linda & Douglas Von Allmen, 2007
Felix Sabates Rick & Rita Case Florence & Larry DeGeorge Marti & H. Wayne Huizenga Linda & Douglas Von Allmen

Jamie McDonnell, IV, 2014

Mary Anne & Richard* Kull
*In Memoriam
Jamie McDonnell, IV Jamie McDonnell, IV